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Attorney Lopez has the educational background and experiences to help with your legal needs:

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Attorney Paulina Lopez
Trained in Criminal Defense

Through her clinical education and her practice, Attorney Lopez has represented clients with a variety of misdemeanor and traffic charges, such as misdemeanor larceny, assault, or driving while license revoked. 

For fifteen years, Paulina has had a passion for Criminal Defense, starting as a Teen Court volunteer, and conducting academic research into developments in criminal law.  Now, as an attorney, she makes it her mission to ensure that your rights are protected. 

A Personal Connection to Intellectual Property

As a writer and musician, Paulina Lopez has a personal interest in Copyright and Trademark law; she knows the importance of protecting your work and defending your freedom of expression.


She served as Editor-In-Chief of the Science and Intellectual Property Law Review at North Carolina Central University School of Law, and has published innovative research on Music Copyright.

Standing up for a Better Future

In addition to defending criminal cases at the trial level, Attorney Lopez is passionate about post-conviction access to justice.  Having done many expungements in her clinical education and through Legal Aid, and having drafted Motions for Appropriate Relief while working at Prisoner Legal Services and beyond, Attorney Lopez will help you fix the past so that you can have a better future.

Four-fold Education

Every legal issue has a personal and interpersonal impact that affects your decisions.  With degrees in Criminal Justice, Forensic Psychology, Political Science, and Law, Attorney Lopez has the background for a multi-faceted approach to your legal needs. 

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