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Tax Preparation

Attorney Paulina Lopez has prepared individual tax returns for nearly ten years, including three years of certification from the IRS through the VITA tax program.

With the tax law changes coming into effect, you can have added peace of mind by having an attorney and experienced tax preparer file your Federal and North Carolina tax return.

1040 with just W2s only $75

Individual Income Tax Preparation Rates with standard deduction (Federal and State of North Carolina included):

1040 - only W2s : $75

1040 - W2s, 1099-T, 1099-Misc, student loan interest : $85

1040 - W2s, investments and royalties: 1099-Div/B, capital gains, Schedule K-1 : $100 to $175

1040, Schedule C & self-employment tax (sole proprietors and single-member, flow-through LLCs) : $175 to $300

All of the above - W2, 1099s, Div, Capital Gains, Sch K-1, Sch C, self-employment tax, etc : $300 to 400

for Itemized Deductions (only needed if itemized deductions would exceed the standard $12,200 per taxpayer) : add $50 to 75

(the tax law changes narrowed what you can itemize; click here to see if those changes apply to your itemized deductions)

Lopez Law is an Authorized IRS e-file Provider

Prices that are listed as a range depend on the amount of paperwork for your specific circumstance

Returns from prior years (2018 or earlier) cost an additional $25 to prepare.

Lopez Law does not do business tax returns for corporations (such as Form 1120)

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